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Davide Perlini: "Una storia di guerra"

Riceviamo da Davide Perlini l'articolo riguardo la sua storia pubblicato il 4 novembre 2010 su "Carluke Gazette"


A CARLUKE family have been re-united with their Italian cousin after 65 years - with a helping hand from the Gazettel Jeanette Marshall contacted the Gazette after an emotional meeting with long lost Italian cousin Davide Perlini in Bologna five weeks ago.
The story dates all the way to 1944 when five brothers of the Jackson family of Carluke went to fight for their country during WWII.
Jeanette said: "My mother (Susie Jackson) had one sister and 11 brothers.
"Five brothers including my uncle David went off to fight for Britain during the war.
"While in Italy my uncle fell in love with an Italian woman Fernanda Perlini and she soon fell pregnant.
"However, by this time my uncle had been moved to the front and she didn't tell him.
"By 1946 the war had ended and my uncle David had started a new life but Fernanda had the baby who she called Davide.
"Unfortunately in those days having a child outside marriage was frowned upon and Davide was eventually put in an orphanage while his mother went to Milan returning for him 14 years later."
It wasn't until his mother died in 2005 that Davide began searching for his father, which began with reading the Gazette dated May 19 1944 which informed the Jackson family that all five brothers were stationed initially and were doing well.
After that Davide took his search all across Italian television and newspapers in a bid to find his father.
Unfortunately for his son David Jackson had since died and is buried in Bermondsey in London, where he settled after the hostilities ended.
But that didn't stop Davide from tracking down his long lost family and finally this year he made the big breakthrough.
Jeanette said: "After the war all of my mum's brothers moved to London with only my mum and aunt Mary remaining in Carluke:
"After a lot of tracking down Davide managed to get in contact with his half sister Heather and they met up in August this year."
It was while booking a short break in Italy for herself and partner Allan that Jeanette managed to finally meet her cousin and despite not understanding the Italian language she knew straightaway who it was she was talking to.
"We were looking at a number of places in Italy such as Milan, Venice and Rome," said Jeanette. "We eventually decided to go for a couple of days to Bologna.
"It was at that time that I received an e-mail from a member of the family to say that there was an Italian cousin who desperately wanted to meet me.
"Having swapped e-mails back in forth we agreed to meet.
"I wasn't sure how he would recognise me but he told me he would know straight away because of my eyes.
"The day before myself and Allan were sitting in a little pub having a glass of wine when all of a sudden I saw this man looking at me.
"He then came up and started pointing at my eyes and that's when I knew it was him.
"He was so emotional, which is very Italian, and couldn't believe that he had met more of his family. It is like something from a fairytale.
"It just goes to show that you should never give up if you are in a situation like that.
"We are hoping that he will come over to Scotland in the near future.
"He is such a nice person and I'm so glad that I have found him."

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