sabato 18 settembre 2010

Una guida dei luoghi della Seconda Guerra Mondiale in Italia edita in america

E' uscita la guida americana dei luoghi della Seconda Mondiale in Italia in lingua americana. L'autrice è Anne Leslie Saunders. Ricca di informazioni utili al turista.
Il testo del retro-copertina:
Italy is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As you walk through its lovely cities and countryside, it's hard to imagine that many areas suffered immense damage during the Second World War, when Allied and German armies battled from one end of Italy to the other. Reconstruction and development now conceal much of the devastation that occurred. However, the memory of the war is preserved throughout Italy in hundreds of museums, monuments, cemeteries, and former battlegrounds.
This comprehensive guidebook takes visitors to more then one hundred memorial sites, many of which honor the 60,000 Allied soldiers killed in combat and the 252,000 wounded or missing in action. Others pay trbute to Italians who participated in the Resistance or died in reprisal massacres and concentration camps. Included are:
Descriptions of sites in or near Cassino, Anzio, Rome, Florence, Lucca, Ortona, Rimini, Bologna, and Trieste
Historical summaries of the Italian campaign and preceding events
Notes about which sites offer tours in English
Directions by car
Maps and driving tips
Relevant websites
A list of convenient hotels

Anne gestisce anche il website Travel Guide Press con gli aggiornamenti e altre preziose informazioni.

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